• In everything we do, we represent ICCO with honor
  • We promote the principle of equality and we do not discriminate
  • We do not tolerate harassment or intimidation. We neither practice any inappropriate form of pressure nor offence
  • We grant due attention to all of our partners. We take both our values and assets into account, as well as those of our partners
  • We do not judge people, we analyse
  • We start any dialogue from the goodwill presumption
  • We communicate openly. We accept differences of opinion
  • There are no bad ideas. There are no wrong opinions
  • We actively listen to people and we grant them constant attention
  • We transmit relevant, accurate and timely information to our partners
  • We treat our partners with trust, dignity and decency


  • We trust our Colleagues
  • We wish for the best for people around us. We support them in their undertakings. We aid them unconditionally when our assistance is necessary
  • We identify both with our Colleagues’ success, and with their hardships
  • We are loyal to the team we are part of
  • We promote the truth in any circumstances
  • We believe in the same scale of values and we share common interests
  • We accept people around us for what they are
  • We are equal


  • We are consistent with our own values and with those of the company
  • We hold the promises made to ourselves and to others
  • We act in a responsible manner with regard to the company. We work in sincerity
  • We revere the principle of equal opportunities at work
  • Personal relations and activities must not compromise ICCO’s activity and reputation
  • We pledge to undertake an ethical behavior
  • We do not accept corruption
  • We do not offer and we do not accept inappropriate gifts in exchange for obtaining any favors
  • We do not accept blackmail
  • We fight against theft and dishonesty
  • We avoid conflicts of interest

Excellence in service

  • We nurture long term relations to our Clients
  • Each of us is responsible for the quality of our work
  • We commit to realistic objectives and we pursue them
  • We respect our Clients’ values, principles and assets
  • We ensure correctness and valuable services
  • We aim at zero noncompliance


  • We take on realistic and ambitious goals
  • We all strive for the accomplishment of our goals
  • We assess individual performance according to the achievement of goals
  • We actively and responsibly participate in founding and fostering a positive and fair work environment
  • We allocate the company’s resources according to the agreed efficiency criteria
  • We make use of the available resources in an astute manner
  • We develop abilities, we build the team

Team work

  • The group interest prevails over any other interest, unless the latter affects the activity of another ICCO company
  • We respect the ICCO hierarchy and we take decisions within our authority area
  • We respect the prioritization of goals: group – company – department – colleague
  • We do not conceal mistakes. We emphasize them in a constructive manner and learn out of them
  • We relentlessly share our experience with our Colleagues. We continually upgrade professionally
  • We communicate the appointment agenda and we comply with it. We are punctual

Social responsibility

  • We encourage environmental protection
  • We participate with our projects in the development of the community
  • We are actively involved in charity activities
  • We participate in creating and fostering a secure work environment