ICCO Energ

Services offered to the clients: 

We offer energy related services at high standards, including:

        • assistance before and after concluding the supply contract
        • concluding auxiliary contracts mandatory on the electric energy market in Romania
        • analysis of the hourly and monthly consumption
        • information regarding regulations of the electric energy market in Romania
        • technical assistance with our qualified personnel 

Electric Energy Supply

Your alternative in the energetic field.

All over world major changes are made in the electrical energy field, such as: reorganization, liberalization, regulation, privatization. The integrated vertical systems are reorganized, the segments proper for competition are liberalized - production, supply, the natural monopoly segments are adjusted- transport and distribution, and where competition is wanted there exists transfer into private ownership.

The liberalization of the electrical energy market means major advantages for the energy consumer, having the possibility of choosing the supplier and negotiating the energy supply contract. The electrical energy market's liberalization is a progressive process, and follows the promotion of a competitive market economy in the energy field, respecting the international obligations entered by the Romanian State and the harmonization of the national regulations with the norms of the European Union in this field.

ICCO Energ is an Electric Energy Supplier, offering high quality services at competitive prices.

The license obtained by ICCO Energ adds to the other certification awarded by Romanian Authority for Energy Regulation (ANRE).