ICCO Instal

Industrial Platforms
Industrial Park Brasov, total area 60 ha land, 150.000 sqm built area, industrial production halls with surfaces between 10.000 and 25.000 sqm, over 6.000 employees

50 Commercial Centres
Total area of 250.000 sqm (areas between 5.000 and 32.000 sqm): Coresi Shopping Center Brasov, Auchan, Carrefour, Artima

Remote control equipment for airport airfield lighting systems
4 software fully executed - OTOPENI parking platform for air transport aircrafts, ARAD International Airport, Baia Mare International Airport, International Airport Timisoara
Other works on existing remote controls:
Regulator integration in the existing remote control (Arad International Airport, Timisoara International Airport
Supply and installation of Touch Panel (Baia Mare International Airport, Timisoara International Airport)
Remote control software upgrade (International Airport Cluj-Napoca, International Airport Constanta, Fetesti Platform)

16 Power stations of 110/20 kV for public and industrial distribution
Industrial Park Brasov, Pirelli Tyres Slatina, Schaeffler Brasov and others

Main references of ICCO Instal:


Contempo Brasov

ICCO Instal executed the following technical-sanitary installations for Contempo Brasov:

  • water adduction
  • interior and exterior rain water sewerage
  • rain water evacuation
  • HVAC


Continental Automotive Systems (Sibiu)

Situated in Sibiu, the new headquarters of Continental Automotive Systems benefited from the installation services developed by our company.

  • Distribution network
  • Central heating station


Continental Powertrain (Brasov)

Part of the German Continental Group, world leader in automotive components industry. In Industrial Park Brasov, Continental set the bases for the third production center in Romania, building a 22.000 sqm production unit.

ICCO Instal made the sanitary installations, exterior networks (pluvial networks, sewage, exterior hydrants, drilling of 2 wells)


Ertex Jaquard

An objective of ICCO Instal was the installations network at Ertex Jaquard in Brasov.

  • Ventilation network
  • Central heating station


Holver-J.F. Furnir

ICCO Instal started works for the objective Holver-J.F.Furnir in November 2006, developing the whole range of installations. 

  • Compressor room
  • Industrial water containers
  • Hot water network for boiling tanks
  • Central heating station for offices
  • Ventiloconvectors
  • Ventilation installation
  • Water pumps station against fire



In 2008, one of ICCO Instal's accomplishments was its participation in the construction of Hornbach Brasov. It was a highly complex project, where the German beneficiary expected a faultless quality of works, and where ICCO managed to satisfy all exigences.

  • Exterior rain water sewerage
  • Rain water sewerage (Geberit system)
  • Interior ventilation system
  • Fire fighting sprinkler system



ICCO Instal executed the following technical-sanitary installations for Hutchinson:

  • interior and exterior hydrants
  • interior rain water sewerage (Geberit system)
  • exterior rain water sewerage
  • rain water evacuation for parking lots


Industrial Park Brasov

The Industrial Park Brasov - a project completely developed by ICCO - was another exam which we successfully promoted, managing to design and execute the interior and exterior installations for all the planed production halls.




Schaeffler (Brasov)

ICCO Instal executed the following tehnical-sanitary installations for Schaeffler Group:

  • interior installations
  • rain water sewerage (Geberit system)
  • water supply
  • exterior hydrants
  • exterior rain water sewerage
  • rain water evacuation for parking lots