ICCO Structures


Abitare Technologies

Is active on the Romanian market since 1994 as an importer and manufacturer of float glass.

We produced for them 73 tons of metallic structure. 



Authorized dealer of prestigious Italian brands such as: Fiat, Alfa Romeo and SsangYong.

We delivered 87 tons of metallic structures. 


Carrefour (Brasov)

Carrefour Hypermarket in Brasov 15.000 sqm.


Celestica (Oradea)

Production facility and administrative area of 22.000 sqm.


Continental Automotive Systems (Sibiu)

Is one of the world's leading automotive industry suppliers offering tire and brake technology, vehicle dynamics control, electronics and sensor systems.

We delivered 250 tons of metallic structures. 


Continental Powertrain (Brasov)

Part of the German Continental Group, world leader in automotive components industry. In Industrial Park Brasov, Continental set the bases for the third production center in Romania, building a 22.000 sqm production unit.
ICCO Structures made the interior and exterior joinery (Schuco aluminum doors and windows, curtain walls, rotary door, RF curtains and doors)


Flextronics (Timisoara)

Production facility and office building - Flextronics Timisoara 1.200 sqm of glazing. 


Holz Industrie Schweighoffer (Radauti)

Austrian group is an important player in the wood processing industry in Romania.
We produced for them 60 tons metallic structures.


Hornbach (Brasov)

European market leader in the field of DIY mega-stores with garden centers.

We delivered 250 tons metallic structures. 


Industrial Park Brasov

Is a private Greenfield project promoted by ICCO to offer fully services business sites for medium and large sized companies for rent. Total quantity: 2.000 tons.


Media Galaxy (Brasov)

IT&C and multimedia electro-store 10.000 sqm total floor space


Preh (module 2, Brasov)

Metallic structure: 500 tons
Interior and exterior joinery 1.250 sqm


Randaldes (Brasov)

Production unit and office area - Randaldes Brasov 450 sqm of joinery


RIO Bucovina (Vatra Dornei)

Is in top 5 largest producers of mineral water in Romania, with portfolio brands such as BUCOVINA - natural mineral water, La Vitta, refreshments Rio, La Vitta and Bon Ton.

We produced for them 67 tons metallic structures. 


Rolem (Brasov)

Metallic structure: 192 tons


Schaeffler (Brasov)

German company, leading supplier in ball bearings industry. 

We delivered resistance structures for board with metal beams (metallic beams and trusses), for coverings (wedges key, beams wind bracings), as well as metallic confections (scaffolding supporting grill) in total quantity of 890 tons. 


Production facility and office building Schäffler Brasov - 700 sqm of glazing.


Stabilus (Brasov)

Production facility and administrative area 10.000 sqm total floor space.


Passenger station - RATBrasov

For the “Passenger Station RATBV” 290 tons of metallic structures were delivered, in different shapes: pillars, trusses, wedges key, beams, wind bracing and post beam. 


VOS Kaiser GmbH Germany

Conveyor belts subway line Nesima - Monte Po, Catania
Final beneficiary: Metropolitana di Catania (contractor: Marti Technik AG Switzerland);
Quantity: 120 tons
Contract value: Euro 160.000