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Clinicco turns 5 years since opening!
Clinicco 7 years of medical activity
Industrial Park Brasov
NBHX Rolem in Industrial Park Brasov
PMG Sinter in Industrial Park Brasov
Eastern European medical first at Clinicco
Industrial Park Brasov celebrates 10 years!
Clinicco celebrates 10 years!
ICCO celebrates 30 years!
A new image for the Industrial Park Brasov
1990 ICCO

Setting up ICCO (abbreviation for Computers and Trade Company) as a small company


Officially setting up ICCO in the current legal structure, as an LTD, on 10th of July 1991

1992 Philips

The first distribution agreement signed with Philips


Setting up ICCO EMT - supplier of equipment, services and solutions for the electronic industry, SMT production

1993 Philips Lighting

Distribution agreement with Philips Lighting (future ICCO Electric)

1993 ICCO Systems

Setting up ICCO Systems - supplier of security and communication, access control, fire detection solutions

1994 ICCO Electric

Setting up ICCO Electric - general contractorship for electric installations

1994 MDS Nordion Theratronics

Exclusive representation with MDS Nordion Theratronics Canada - producer of nuclear medical equipment and cobalt-therapy equipment (the future ICCO Medical)

1996 Schneider France

National distribution agreement with Schneider France

1996 IDMAN Finlanda

Exclusively representing IDMAN Finland - airfield lighting equipment

1997 Assembleon

Exclusive distribution agreement with Philips EMT (today Assembleon) – SMT technology

1998 Solectron Timisoara

Signing a 40 million euro construction contract with Solectron Timisoara (currently  Flextronics)

1998 Electrical equipment

Starting the activity as a supplier of turnkey solutions for electrical and lighting equipment

1999 Airfield lighting

Starting the cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation to deliver airfield lighting works for six airports in Romania: Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Satu Mare, Targu Mures, Tulcea, Arad

2000 Carrefour

Beginning of cooperation with Carrefour, total contracts of 18 million euro, for delivering works for 35 shops all around Romania

2000 ICCO Medical

Setting up ICCO Medical - supply of equipment and services in medical field and special defense equipment

2000 ICCO Electronics

Setting up ICCO Electronics - solution integrator for IT and telecom projects

2001 Howard Johnson Hotel

Signing the contract for electrical installations at Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel in Bucharest

2001 ICCO Construct

Setting up ICCO Construct - execution of construction works, activity continued by ICCO Facility Management, as of 2012

2002 ICCO Termotec

Setting up ICCO Termotec - production of double glazed joinery, activity continued by ICCO Structures, as of 2012

2003 Schaeffler Romania

Starting the cooperation with Schaeffler Romania, cumulative contract values of 17 million euros, at the end of 2013

2004 Celestica

Signing a 23 million euro general contractorship contract with Celestica Romania in Oradea

2005 Autoliv

Starting the cooperation with Autoliv, total delivered surface exceeding 50.000 sqm, by the end of 2013

2005 Pirelli Slatina

Starting the cooperation with Pirelli Slatina, contract value exceeding 10 million euro

2005 Stabilus Brasov

Signing a 5 million euro general contractorship contract with Stabilus in Brasov to build a 11.000 sqm productions facility, that was delivered in 6 months

2006 Cora Cluj Napoca

Signing a construction contract for delivering electrical installation for Cora hypermarket in Cluj Napoca, contract that will be continued in 2009 with Cora Bucharest

2006 Hutchinson

Signing a 5 million euro construction contract with Hutchinson in Brasov, that will be extended in 2011 with a second module worth 3,5 million euro

2006 ICCO Instal

Setting up ICCO Instal - sanitary installations and HVAC

2007 Unirea Shopping Center Brasov

Signing a general contractorship contract for the electrical installations for Unirea Shopping Center in Brasov

2007 Continental Automotive Systems

Signing 13 million euro contracts to build two modules for Continental Automotive Systems in Sibiu

2007 Bacau Municipal Hospital

Signing a 45 million euro contract (including medical equipment) for building the municipal hospital in Bacau city

2007 Come & Go

Building Come & Go - commercial and office areas for rent

2007 ICCO Energ

Setting up ICCO Energ – authorized electric energy supplier

2007 Industrial Park Brasov

Starting the development of Industrial Park Brasov - Greenfield production halls and office areas for rent

2007 ICCO Metal

Setting up ICCO Metal – metallic structure production for constructions and industrial equipment, activity continued by ICCO Structures, as of 2012

2008 Kronospan Brasov

Signing a 8,5 million euro contract to deliver complete electrical installations for Kronospan Brasov

2008 Industrial Park Brasov

The German print-house corporation Euro-Druckservice (EDS) is the first customer to sign a renting contract within the Industrial Park Brasov

2009 Hornbach Brasov

Signing a 12,5 million euro contract for constructing Hornbach DYI store in Brasov

2009 Transformer Energy Supply

Setting up Transformer Energy Supply – authorized energy wholesaler

2009 Ford Craiova

Signing a 2 million euro contract for construction works at Ford Craiova

2009 Clinicco

Setting up CLINICCO - private hospital specialized in interventional cardiology and orthopedics prosthesis

2010 Kaufland

Signing the construction contract with Kaufland for the execution of two hypermarkets in Targu Secuiesc and Gheorgheni

2010 Bepco

Setting up Bepco - production and sales of heat and electric power produced by means of cogeneration a 23 million euro investment in Brasov

2010 Industrial Park Brasov

The number of jobs created in the Industrial Park Brasov reached 1.000 employees

2010 Policlinicco

Setting up the Policlinics within CLINICCO

2010 Clinicco

Setting up the Cardiovascular Surgery department within CLINICCO

2011 ICCO Real Estate

Setting up ICCO Real Estate which offers industrial areas for rent

2012 Continental Powertrain

Signing a 14 million euro general contractorship contract with Continental Powertrain within the Industrial Park Brasov

2012 ICCO Facility Management

Setting up ICCO Facility Management - construction works and facility management

2012 ICCO Structures

Setting up ICCO Structures - production of metallic structures, industrial equipment and plastic and aluminum joinery

2012 Neurosurgery

Setting up the Neurosurgery department within Clinicco

2012 Clinicco

Setting up the Medical Rehabilitation Center within CLINICCO

2013 Photovoltaic park

1,3 million euro contract is signed for linkage works of a photovoltaic park in Hoghiz

2013 Kronospan Belarus

A 4 million euro contract is signed with Kronospan Belarus, for medium and low voltage electric installation. By the end of 2013, total value of contract (Brasov, Magdeburg, Ebersdorf, Sandebeck, Belarus) exceeded 20 million euro


Nonrefundable financing is approved for ICCO EMT location in Timisoara, for implementing two projects regarding production process and sustainable development

2013 Irak

A 52 million euro contract is signed for building a hospital in Irak

2013 ICCO Energ

In the energy sector, ICCO Energ supplies electric power to more than 300 industrial clients

2013 Clinicco

More than 1.800 lives have been saved in the Interventional Cardiology Department during 4 years since opening

2013 Industrial Park Brasov

Number of newly created job in Brasov Industrial park exceeded 2.500 jobs

2014 Clinicco turns 5 years since opening!

Clinicco, the cardiology and orthopedics clinic, turns 5 years since opening in February 2009.

2014 Autoliv Hungary

Works for a 9-million Euro project are initiated, for the extension of the production and warehouse units for Autoliv Kft Hungary.

2015 Stabilus

A 1.3 million Euro contract is signed for the extension of Stabilus, in Brasov. 

2016 Clinicco 7 years of medical activity

More than 21.000 discharged patients along the 7 years of private medical activity in Brasov.

2016 Industrial Park Brasov

Over 4,000 people currently work within the companies in Industrial Park Brasov.

2017 NBHX Rolem in Industrial Park Brasov

Industrial Park Brasov extends with a new production hall developed for Rolem Ltd.

More details here.

2017 PMG Sinter in Industrial Park Brasov

A new contract is signed with PMG Sinter for developing a new production hall of 5.500 sqm within Industrial Park Brasov.

More details here.

2018 Eastern European medical first at Clinicco

Clinicco planted the first cardiac contractility modulation device (CCM) in Eastern Europe.

More details here.

2018 Sennheiser

A new contract is signed with Sennheiser for developing a new production hall within the Industrial Park Brasov.

More details here.

2018 Industrial Park Brasov celebrates 10 years!

This year, Industrial Park Brasov celebrated 10 years of developing industrial spaces, built according to the clients’ specific requests. 

More details here.

2019 Clinicco celebrates 10 years!

Clinicco Bra┼čov celebrates 10 years of medical activity, being known throughout the country for the centre of interventional cardiology, cardiovascular surgery and the orthopaedic clinic.

More details here.

2020 ICCO celebrates 30 years!

We celebrate 30 years since ICCO have been offering solutions and integrated services to our clients, in various areas.

More details here.

2021 A new image for the Industrial Park Brasov

Since 2007 the Industrial Park Brasov project has grown and evolved and we felt it was time for a change.

More details here.