4 cogeneration units
functional in Brasov
42.6 MW
existing capacity
35 million Euro
value of investment

ICCO holds a stake in Bepco.

Bepco is an energy service company which produces heating and electric power by mean of high efficiency cogeneration. Established in 2010, Bepco brought solutions for upgrading the heating sources by using high efficiency cogeneration equipment – state of the art GE Jenbacher units – flexible and modular ensuring quality service during the year, without interruptions in the production process.

Until today, 4 out of 7 cogeneration units were finalized, localized in strategic places of Brasov city, producing 42,6 MW.

Bepco’s solution ensures reduction of emissions, with immediate benefits for Brasov’s inhabitants.

For more information, please visit Bepco.