ICCO Medical

Service team
qualified at producers in Canada, Sweden and Ireland
special equipments
EOD suits, pyrotechnic robots, ballistic products
year of establishment

ICCO Medical has a rich experience in the medical and special equipment market in Romania.

The medical department is present in all major oncology centers in the country, both through the equipment provided and installed (Theratron cobalt therapy equipment, Gammacell blood radiating equipment, radioprotection equipment) and through the service team made up of engineers trained in the country and abroad.
In the medical field ICCO Medical is representative on the Romanian market of the companies Elekta Instruments AB, Best Theratronics Ltd., Mavig GmbH (for personal radioprotection products, surgical lamps and suspension arms for medical devices), Arplay Medical (for contentious means) and others.
For marketed equipment and for service, ICCO Medical received all the necessary authorizations from CNCAN.

ICCO Medical's special equipment department collaborates with state institutions (General Inspectorate of Romanian Police, Military Units of MAPN, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Romanian Gendarmerie, Romtehnica etc.) and provides special EOD protection equipment, metal detectors, equipment pyrotechnic and demining protection, accessories, robots, communication systems, military binoculars, detector gates, RX suspicious control equipment, etc.
As sole representative on the Romanian market of Safariland Group USA and Med-Eng, ICCO Medical offers products and equipment for protection for the military-related institutions.

For more details, visit www.iccomedical.ro.