ICCO EMT obtains the IATF 16949:2016 certification

In addition to the quality management system ISO 9001:2015, ICCO EMT acquired in 2023 the IATF 16949:2016 - the international quality management system standard of the automobile industry.

ICCO EMT partner of the Romanian semiconductor industry

ICCO EMT contributed to the first major success of the Romanian semiconductor industry, by producing 216,000 programmable boards, with the aim of distributing them to schools in Romania.
The cards will be able to be used by approximately 800,000 students, starting with the 2023-2024 school year.
The plates were designed in Bucharest, and produced at ICCO EMT in Timisoara.

Great People Inside Conference – 2023 EVERYTHING HR

Specialists in the field of human resources meet at a new event organized by, and ICCO continues the partnership for a new excellent collaboration!

InnoElectro 2023 for the electronic industry

ICCO EMT – Solution Provider for Semiconductor & Electronic Industry – is attending InnoElectro Conference and Exhibition for professionals in electronics industry in Budapest Hungary, from 28th to 30th of March 2023.

Projects of 45,000 m2 in Industrial Park Brasov

We continuously develop the project for all our existing clients and continue to attract new clients.
For 2023, we are working on projects totalizing 45,000 m2.
So that, at the end of 2023, we will reach 200,000 m2 total built area in the Industrial Park Brasov.
With an occupancy rate of 100%.
Thank you to our customers!

Technology Seminar 2023

ICCO EMT is organizing the Technology Seminar 2023 with the aim to bring together 7 of the world’s top technology companies to share the latest updates, new advancements and their impact on different business markets.

For more than 20 years, at ICCO EMT we provide electronic services and we constantly keep up with industry changes and technological trends. We provide a large inventory of equipment from the industry’s premier manufacturers.

Great People Inside Conference – 2022 EVOLVING HR

In the current business environment, given that digitization has an impact on traditional business rules, the need for an agile, responsive and adaptable workforce has never been greater.

ICCO is a team of over 1,200 colleagues. The main office is in Brasov and we have branches in Timisoara and Bucharest, but also in Hungary.

We are active on the labor market, always interested in understanding the reality, but also the trends in the medium and long term.

And we are traditional partners at the most prestigious human resources event in Romania and an impact event in Eastern Europe, organized annually by

Our unity is our best strength

Our thoughts and hearts are with the people of Ukraine these days.
Together we act and provide support to the affected population.
Such moments require solidarity.
Our unity is our best strength.

Launch of the newly redesigned Industrial Park Brasov site

In 14 years our project has grown and evolved and we felt it was time for a change. We have refreshed our logo to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our future.
We have released an updated brand identity, which includes new elements: logo, colors, font and website. We believe the new look better matches what we’ve become since 2007.

Color is an essential element that defines a brand image. Being part of ICCO group, we decided to use the same colors as ICCO brand.
The font we use is clean, modern and light.
The purpose of the new website is to present ourselves better and create a clear picture of what we offer to our current and future clients. The new site delivers rich new content in a modern, clean, and organized layout to provide visitors with easy access to our company information.
We hope that you like this new look and you can show us by clicking and helping us increase our online visibility! 

More than 6,000 jobs created within the Industrial Park Brasov

The sustained development of the Brasov Industrial Park project does not only mean square meters. It means first and foremost job creation.
Our clients, world leaders in their fields of activity, found in Industrial Park Brasov all the necessary conditions for carrying out the activity in optimal parameters, which led to successful business.
Successful businesses that have implicitly generated jobs.
We are proud of the fact that our clients have created over 6,000 jobs.
The current development stage of Industrial Park Brasov comprises with a total built area of ​​135,000 sqm and an occupancy rate of 100%.
We continue to develop our project for all existing customers, but also by attracting new customers.
For the development of the city and the region.

ICCO celebrates 30 years!

On July 10, we celebrate 30 years since ICCO have been offering solutions and integrated services to our clients, in various areas starting from real-estate development, installations, industrial and civil constructions, industry, to electronics and supply of medical equipment.
There are 30 years in which we gradually and continuously diversified our activities following the opportunities offered by the Romanian market.
30 years in which ICCO has supported and initiated social responsibility projects for the local community in Brasov.
Our presence on the market for 30 years is a guaranty that we have the necessary experience and abilities to ensure the success of our clients.
Not by chance, the slogan that represents us is "Enjoy your business!"

Which are the 100 strongest companies in Brasov

ICCO Energ and other 5 of the companies present in Industrial Park Brasov were among the first 100 most powerful in Brasov county, according to the turnover reported in 2018.
Full list in BizBrasov.

About capitalism, financial crises and computers with one of the most important businessmen in Brasov

In an economy where any slowdown is interpreted as a sign of a new crisis, Calin Costan (CEO ICCO) talked to Wall Street journalists about how he sees the future.
The key moments that ICCO has gone through over time, have taught us how to handle crisis situations and, above all, how to prepare for them.
Read the entire article on (available only in Romanian language)

Clinicco celebrates 10 years!

Clinicco celebrates 10 years of medical activity, being known throughout the country for the center of interventional cardiology, cardiovascular surgery and the orthopedic clinic.
In the 10 years of existence, we performed more than 2,000 open heart surgery, 6,000 orthopedic surgeries and over 16,000 coronarographies, we implanted more than 5,000 stents and approximately 2,300 defibrillators and pacemakers.
Prompt care and treatment for each patient's needs, effective and competent interventions, 24 hours a day, 7 days out of 7, postoperative, medically supervised, individualized care program designed to help patients recover from hospitalization following an intervention - is what Clinicco patients receive for 10 years.

Industrial Park Brasov celebrates 10 years!

This year, Industrial Park Brasov celebrated 10 years of developing industrial spaces, built according to the clients’ specific requests. The current state of development consists in 10 production halls with a total built surface of 115.000 sqm and 100% occupancy rate.

The 10 years anniversary was celebrated by planting a locust tree forest on a degraded piece of land situated in the vicinity of our Park. This action was organized in partnership with „Planteaza in Romania” Association and Ghimbav City Hall and it has received support from private companies like Benchmark Electronics, Harsha Engineers, ICCO, Preh and Vestas Aircoil. Over 4.000 locust tree saplings were planted with the help of over 350 volunteers who gladly responded to our invitation. We also organized an anniversary cocktail to which we invited all our clients and partners who supported us in developing this project. We thank you all!

To many more anniversaries to come!

Eastern European medical first at Clinicco

Sorin Micu, M.D., at Clinicco implanted the first cardiac contractility modulation device (CCM) in Eastern Europe. The patient’s heart, aged 69 from Piatra Neamt, was performing at a quarter of the normal capacity despite being under proper treatment and already having a cardiac defribillator, planted a few years ago after suffering from heart failure. Soon after the intervention, the patient was feeling very well and the heart is already functioning at a higher rate.

Sennheiser chooses Industrial Park Brasov

In order to strengthen its position on the European consumer electronic markets, Sennheiser is announcing its plan to set up the fourth factory in Industrial Park Brasov. After the completion of construction set for this year, the Brașov facility will initially focus on the manufacture of consumer electronics products. Founded in 1945, Sennheiser is a family-owned business and is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission systems.

„We are delighted to welcome Sennheiser in the dynamic community of international organisations in Brasov.” – Calin Costan, CEO Industrial Park Brasov

HotSpot Brasov 2018

On January 31st, Industrial Park Brasov received a distinction for „Attracting foreign inevstments” in Brasov. The ceremony took place during the Hotspot Brasov event, organized by the German-Romanian business magazine DeBizz Magazine, in partnership with „Romania durabila”.

„Our dearest project, developed by ICCO Group, is the Industrial Park Brasov. We’ve been working on it for the past 10 years. This year we are able to say we have reached 120.000 sqm of leaseble space entirely occupied by production facilities. Turnover of companies inside Industrial Park Brasov is around 800 million Euros per year and the number of jobs created reached 4000.” (Calin Costan, CEO Indsutrial Park Brasov).

Foreign Investors Summit

The fourth edition of the Foreign Investors Summit gathered officials, experts, investors and leaders from the Romanian business community, in an effort to annalyze Romania’s potential to attract new foreign investors. During the event, Miss Mirela Radulescu, Sales and Marketing Director at ICCO, presented Industrial Park Brasov as a top destination for foreign investors who wish to develop new business in the center of the country. The event took place in Bucharest, between October 31st – November 2nd. 

Translogistica 2017

Between the 12th and 14th of October, ICCO presented the Industrial Park Brasov project at the most important logistics conference in Romania and East and South-East Europe, Translogistica. The event aims to promote products, services and innovative solutions for commercial transports, shipping goods and logistics channels and was held at Romexpo Bucharest.

Mirela Radulescu, Sales & Marketing Director: „Brasov’s  geographical position is one of the pros that the city has when it comes to attracting new investments here. Being in the center of Romania is extremely beneficial and puts us at the crossroad of all major transport routes, both roads and railroads. Industrial Park Brasov welcomes all the companies which plan to invest in Brasov and offers long term rent for Greenfield spaces, all designed according to each company specifications.”

Business event: Great People Inside

For the second year in a row, ICCO participated as a networking partner at the Great People Inside Conference. The event is a unique concept reuniting business men, entrepreneurs, managers, human resources executives and researchers. International speakers shared insights about new ideas in the HR field and analysed many best practice examples, while the participants had numerous business networking opportunities. 

PMG Sinter in Industrial Park Brasov

PMG Sinter, the leading global expert company in powder metal solutions for the automotive sector, signed an agreement with Industrial Park Brasov for the construction of a new production hall of 5.500 sqm. Completion of construction works and production start are set for February 2018. In the initial stage of development, this project will generate approximately 130 new jobs.

PMG started to produce sintered steel in 1960 in Füssen, Germany. Today, PMG owns 7 plants (Germany, Spain 3, USA 2, China), employs 1400 people and has a 260 m Euro turnover. 

Event - Real estate, quo vadis?

Bucharest 2017

On April 26th, Industrial Park Brasov helped organise the second edition of the „Real estate, quo vadis?” conference. The event, hosted by DeBizz magazine and Romania Durabila, invited the participants to analyze the Romanian real estate and construction market nationwide. Amongst the participants were key representatives of real estate companies, investment funds, developers, construction companies, construction materials producers and also members of governmental authorities, German speaking diplomats and leaders of opinions.


Occupational Safety course at the Faculty of Constructions Brasov

ICCO Facility Management continues the series of meetings with the students of the Faculty of Constructions, within Transilvania University of Brasov. This time, our colleague, Marin Grigore, held a presentation on the topic of occupational safety.

Our colleague talked with the students about the attributions and responsibilities of a site manager regarding occupational safety regulations, specific measures for emergency situations, conflict situations on site, and first aid maneuvers.

"This meeting with the students of the Faculty of Constructions Brasov was an occasion to share my 40-year experience on construction sites, with both good and bad moments. We wish good luck to the new generation of constructions engineers and many professional accomplishments." - Marin Grigore, OHS Coordinator at ICCO Facility Management

Event: I'm a Constructions Engineer. Now what?

On March 1st 2017, following the invitation of the Faculty of Constructions (Transilvania University in Brasov), ICCO Facility Management co-organized and moderated a meeting with the future engineers that are currently studying here. The event's theme was "I'm a Constructions Engineer. Now what?".

The students had the occasion to grasp a practical perspective upon the profession of constructions engineer and its role within a company. The engineers within ICCO Facility Management offered examples from their professional and personal life.

The event was a success and, at the end, all ladies received flowers, thus celebrating the symbolical day. 


NBHX Rolem in Industrial Park Brasov

As of January 16th, 2017, Rolem Ltd. starts its activity within Industrial Park Brasov. Active in the automotive industry, the company has been present on the Romanian market since 1994. The first production unit was opened in Codlea (Brasov) and generated 300 jobs, reaching over 1400 employees in 2017. Rolem produces car ornaments for companies such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Porche. 

The Germans at Preh budgeted a EUR 13-million investment for the production unit near Brasov

The car components producer, Preh Romania, supplier for Porsche, Mercedes, Audi and BMW, has completed this year an investment programme of EUR 8.2M, which included the aquisition of equipment for a new 13,000 sqm production unit.

Read more (Romanian) here.

4.000+ employees in Industrial Park Brasov

Industrial Park Brasov reached number three in the Industrial Parks’ Top in Romania, by number of employees. Over 4,000 people work today in the companies present in the industrial park. Employers are Romanian and foreign companies that share their interest in developing Greenfield type of business, based on a long-term lease scenario or as owner of the land and the industrial hall. The production facilities are built on client requirements, depending on their type of activity.

In our country there are 71 industrial parks, of which 10 industrial parks are located in Brasov. Until today, these 10 industrial parks have generated approximately 8,000 jobs, of which half of them are in the Industrial Park Brasov.


Industrial Park Brasov – official partner of Brasov Future Forum

The third edition of ALT Festival - the first technology festival in Transylvania - took place in October 17-23, 2016. For a week, the city of Brasov has gathered together tech passionates, contractors, business people, representatives of local and regional administrations.

Within this context, Industrial Park Brasov contributed to the development of the event as an official partner of the Brasov Future Forum. The Forum's objectives are to consolidate the entrepreneurial ecosystem and to ascertain Brasov as a destination favourable to the development of start-ups within the domain of creative industries and emergent technologies. At the end of the event, the participants visited Industrial Park Brasov.

ICCO - networking partner at the GR8PI Conference: The New World of Work

For two days, ICCO has contributed to the Great People Inside Conference: The New World of Work, as networking partner. The event is one of the most important happening within the human resources domain, with over 350 participants from more than 100 companies. Experts from countries such as Denmark, United States of America, Israel, Norway, Italy, Spain or Ireland spoke about new human resources perspectives and offered best practice examples based on their companies' experience.

To a great extent, ICCO owes its success to its people - employees, clients, suppliers. By participating in this event, we are reaffirming our wish to be a top employer and supplier.


Industrial Park Brasov - host for Demo Metal

Industrial Park Brasov was honored to be host of the most important event organized in Romania, dedicated to the metal processing industry: Demo Metal 2016!

We were proud to offer an exceptional exhibition surface, perfectly suitable for the attending exhibitors.

Clinicco - 7 years of medical activity

Over 12,000 discharged patients, 15,000 paraclinical examinations, 13,000 consultations, 1,200 open-heart surgeries, over 10,000 coronarygraphies, 3,500 stent implant procedures, over 1,500 implantable medical devices - this is the review of 7 years of private medical activity in Brasov, within Clinicco Private Cardiology Hospital.

On February 26, 2016, Clinicco Private Cardiology Hospital celebrates 7 years of medical activity by opening its premises to the public. The media, bloggers, family doctors were able to make a tour of the hospital and talk to the medical staff. In 2009, Brasov welcomed the first private cardiology center in Romania; 7 years later, Clinicco Cardiology Hospital in Brasov continues to be the only center in the region performing open-heart surgeries and the only certified center to treat patients suffering from heart rhythm irregularities.

Extension of Autoliv Hungary

Acting as general contractor, ICCO Facility Management started works for the extension of the production and warehousing units of Autoliv Kft Hungary, in Sopronkovesd. The total value of the Autoliv investment is of EUR 9,697,000 and consists of the construction of 6 industrial halls with a total surface of  13,220 sqm. The project includes warehouse and production areas, technical and administrative areas, as well as 14,300 sqm of outdoor platforms, roads and parking areas.

Autoliv is a company with around 80 facilities around the world and it is renowned for being one of the most important producers of airbags and safety belts in the world. Since 1997, the company is also present in Romania, with production units in Brasov, Lugoj and Sfantu Gheorghe. ICCO participated in the development of these projects, as general contractor.  

Clinicco turns 5 years since opening!

In February 2009, CLINICCO was inaugurated as the first private clinic in Brasov, specialized in Interventional Cardiology and Orthopedics.

Over the 5 years, the clinics’ departments were extended with Cardiovascular Surgery, Neurosurgery and Medical Rehabilitation, all medical services being supplied by the best doctors in the field.

Statistics show 1.800 saved lives by the emergency services within the International Cardiology Department (free services 24/7 for acute myocardium infarct), over 700 solved cases in Cardiovascular Surgery Department, approximately 2.300 cases in Orthopedics and 50 in Neurosurgery department.

“We are happy to have treated over 15.000 patients, to have save lives, to have given back the chance to normal lives and to fulfill the dream of doing something important. For the next 5 years we wish to have strength, patience and balance, to complete the public health system, and in general we want quality and safety for our patients” stated Adrian Teciu, executive manager at Clinicco.

Happy anniversary, Clinicco! 

Extending ICCO EMT’s production capabilities in Timisoara

Two projects of non-refundable financing will be implemented in ICCO EMT Timisoara location, starting with October 2013, regarding extension of production capabilities and sustainable development.

The “acquisition of equipment and innovative technologies for the high-tech electronic industry” project is co-financed by the European Union through the Regional Development European Fund. The main objective of the project is: achieving high indicators of economic performance and increasing ICCO EMT’s innovation level, with the help of two high-performance equipment, innovative and eco-efficient, as well as capitalization of the innovative potential in the area.

Industrial Park Brasov - 2.400 employees

Starting with the inauguration of the first production hall in 2008, Industrial Park Brasov has become an important growth pole in the area, offering many development and new job opportunities.

Thus, the number of employees working for companies within Industrial Park Brasov reached 1.000 employees in 2010, increasing to 2.400 employees in 2013.

The biggest employer is Benchmark Electronics (electronic industry manufacturer - USA) followed by Continental Powertrain (electronic industry production - Germany), newest employer within Industrial Park Brasov.

Continental Powertrain starts activity in Industrial Park Brasov

ICCO, as General Contractor, started construction works for the Continental Powertrain hall within Industrial Park Brasov, in July 2012. The final reception was made after 11 month, in May 2013, according to contract. Surface of the hall is 22.000 sqm with a investment value of 40 million euro.

“Thus, Continental setup the third production centre of the Automotive Group in Romania. In the new factory, all phases of the production will be operated, starting from subassembly cabling to fuel injection pumps production” said Markus Distelhoff, Fuel Supply Commercial Unit’s manager, within PowerTrain division.  Continental owns 7 production units, 3 RND centers in Timisoara, Sibiu, Carei, Nadab, Brasov and Iasi. Continental has over 10.500 employees in Romania.

Continental is one of the most important producer and suppliers for auto industry, world wide.