Bucuria Darului Foundation – Together we warm up souls

It has become a tradition that every December we help the less fortunate around us. Every year we did our best to bring a smile on people’s faces and we think we’ve managed to do so every time. This year, we wanted our help to be more useful as ever and to be durable. That is why we decided to join forces with Bucuria Darului Foundation in their project – Together we warm up souls.

Yearly, the foundation helps over 800 families living on the edge of poverty. Most of them live in improvised houses, heated with wood fires made in tin barrels. As long as the fire is burning, they have heat. Once the fire is no longer burning, the heat is gone. Not to mention the smoke and the danger of a fire break out. That’s why the foundation started this programme of offering these families terracotta stoves. The stoves radiate heat all day and night. Once the fire is started, the fire burns until self extinguished, without any supply or supervision, eliminating all danger.

With ICCO’s help, two families around Brasov no longer have this problem. We are proud to say that the stoves were already installed and the two families had the first Holidays with warmth in their souls, as well as in their homes.