YOU run for THEM

14th of July is the day set for the 10th edition of the „YOU run for THEM” Cross-Country, held by Hospice Casa Sperantei. In all the previous editions, the cross managed to atract more than 3.000 runners, 90 companies and institutions supporting the event and a total of 50.000 Euro worth of funds dedicated to incurable pacients.

Due tot the fact that this year’s edition is an anniversary one, the organisers are expecting more than 800 runners to take part in the race. Up until this year, the timing was kept by referees, but this year’s edition will require an electronic timing system with RFID chips. Extending the traditional collaboration between ICCO and Hospice Casa Sperantei, we decided to support this event by sponsoring the acquisition of this timing system.

Good luck to all the runners!