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How can you become ICCO Energ's client
By filling out the attached questionnaire you will be contacted by one of our sales representative for establishing more details.

You can check our standard offers for electricity supply: Contract for supply of electricity:
non-domestic consumers with variable price non-domestic consumers
households households

For customized offers depending on the amount of electricity consumed by your company, by the specific activity, the work schedule,  by the agreed commercial conditions etc., please contact us at the email addresses and phone numbers in Contact.


The situation of the planned interruptions on each distribution area for the next period can be checked here:
Transylvania South, Transylvania North, Muntenia North
Muntenia South, Dobrogea, Banat

(documents provided only in Romanian)

Electric energy etiquette (2021)
Electric energy etiquette (2020)
Electric energy etiquette (2019)
Electric energy etiquette (2018)
Electric energy etiquette (2017)
Electric energy etiquette (2016)
Electric energy etiquette (2015)

Regulations :    a) Electric Energy Law (Law 13/2007) - only in Romanian
                         b) Rules of supplying electric energy to consumers - only in Romanian
                         c) Performance standard  for electric energy supply - only in Romanian
                         d) Commercial Code of the electric energy wholesale market - only in Romanian
                         e) Last options suppliers - only in Romanian
                         f)  Procedure for change of supplier of electricity by the final consumer ANRE Decision 234/2019
                         g) Note for compulsory share of E-SRE and the one estimated by CV for 2020
                         h) Law no. 184/2018 on the approval of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 24/2017 on amending
                             and supplementing law no. 220/2008 for establishing the system for promoting the production of energy
                             from renewable energy sources
                         i) Decision for changing the ANRE President's decision No. 119/2013 regarding the approval of the contribution for
                            high efficiency cogeneration and some provisions for its billing
                         j) Decision for approving the regulated tariff practiced by the electricity market operator

Consumer's interest information
Main bonds and rights of consumers
Vulnerable customer rights


Appendixes performance indicators 2022: Semester 1; Semester 2; Semester 3; Semester 4
Appendixes performance indicators 2021: Semester 1; Semester 2; Semester 3; Semester 4; Year 2021
Appendixes performance indicators 2020: Semester 1; Semester 2; Semester 3; Semester 4; Year 2020
Appendixes performance indicators 2019: Semester 1; Semester 2; Semester 3; Semester 4; Year 2019
Appendixes performance indicators 2018: Semester 1; Semester 2; Semester 3; Semester 4; Year 2018
Appendixes performance indicators 2017: Semester 1Semester 2; Semester 3; Semester 4; Year 2017

Ways of solving complains for end-users of ICCO Energ regarding the electricity & gas supply contracts:

According to the Framework issued by ANRE No.16 from March 18th 2015 for solving end-users complains, as well as the Internal Procedure PO8.4.1 listed below (available only in Romanian language), we would like to inform you that you can contact us using the following methods:
- Telephone number for registering complains: +40 268 401 253; +40 268 041 201
- E-mail:
- On-line form
- Fax number: +40 268 401 287
- By post: 3 Spicului Street, 500460 Brasov, Brasov County

  ANRE Framework Solving Complains

Internal Procedure Solving Complains

From Monday to Friday between 08:00 – 17:00 customer's complains are registered by the Customer Service Department of the Electricity and Gas Supply Division part of ICCO Energ, located in 3 Spicului Street, Brasov city.
Audience schedule is from Monday to Friday between 09:00 – 16:00.
The legal term for submission of complaints is 5 working days from the date of fact and legal deadline for settling the complains is 15 working days.

If ICCO Energ doesn't solve the customer's complains, they have the following rights:
- to address ANRE: 3 Constantin Nacu Street, Bucharest, Sector 2, Zip code 020995, Romania,
Tel: +40 21 327 81 74, +40 21 327 81 00, Fax: +40 21 312 43 65, E-mail:
- to use alternative extrajudicial procedures for solving the complains
- to address the competent courts.

Procedure for granting compensations for domestic consumers in case of deterioration of electronic appliances

According to the procedure set up by ANRE in the order No. 177/2015, we would like to announce you that the electricity suppliers and the network operators must solve the requests received from the domestic consumers, according to the concluded contracts for granting of compensations in case of deterioration of electronic appliances as effect of accidental overcurrent, for which the network operator is hold responsible for.
One can access the afferent procedure and the annexes here (available only in Romanian language):

  ANNEX No. 1
Request for granting compensations - Supplier
Request for compensations to Distributors Operator
Stages of the Compensation process Decree 177 2015 (1)
Compensations procedure Domestic Consumer