AMX Automatrix

AMX offers customized and smart automation solutions for the automotive industry (EV - PHEVs) and strong experience and worldwide patents in power electronic equipment (Sintering Press - Silver Sintering/Copper Sintering and Scanning Acoustic Microscopy).

Electronic equipment - Wide range of patented die attach related equipment for the Power Electronic field.

      Ag-Sintering - Cu-Sintering Technology
Pressure sintering (silver sintering or in the next future copper sintering too) is a die attach heat treatment process applied to a powdered material to give it higher strength, integrity, and conductivity.
Pressure sintering is now considered the most reliable technology for power electronics packaging. The proven advantages of sintering technology are the following ones:
-   Highest melting temperature >400°C
-   Best thermal conductivity coefficient >150 W/(m K)
-   Best electrical conductivity coefficient
-   Best result on lifetime testing
AMX sintering press range covers all the customers’ needs: R&D, small batches, low volume, and high volume of productions.


X-Sinter P50 Series

Manual sintering press with high accuracy both in terms of pressure and temperature control

X Sinter P50 Series is a completely manual press available in different configurations and able to reach the same sintering pressure and temperature of the inline one.
Designed for Lab and clean room environment, it is the perfect solution for the first approach to the silver or copper sintering process. Among the different options available, it can work in controlled atmosphere.
It is really flexible and has lot of possible options in order to adapt to the specific customer’s needs.



X-Sinter P100 Series

Semi-automatic sintering press equipped with our patented micro-punch tool

X-Sintering P100 Series is a patented concept for a semi-automatic sintering press based on our awarded X-Smart modular station.
It is equipped with AMX patented Micro-Punch tool and it can work in controlled atmosphere (Nitrogen or other inert gases). It is the perfect solution for R&D and low volume of production.
It is available in different configurations according to the specific needs of the customer’s product.



X-Sinter P200X Series

Fully inline sintering press for high volume of production

X-Sintering P200X Series is a new patented concept for sintering press which greatly reduces maintenance and production stops.
Based on AMX In-Line modular station, it guarantees flexibility and accuracy during the production process.
It is always equipped with our patented Micro-Punch tool and it works in complete controlled atmosphere (Nitrogen or other inert gases). Another intersting and unique feature is our reliable quality control, our X Sintering P200X measures the total force applied on every substrate.
Easy removable pressing tool to handle production variation and avoid long downtimes.
IoT-ready hardware and advanced software with intuitive interface and complete traceability.