BTU is the global leader in convection reflow ovens and inline controlled atmosphere furnaces used for the production of electronics and electronic components.

  In printed circuit board assembly, surface mount technology SMT reflow is performed by BTU’s Pyramax convection reflow oven.
The Pyramax is known worldwide as the performance leader. Electronics Circuit BoardWith closed loop convection control the Pyramax reflow oven offers the utmost in process repeatability, board-to-board, oven-to-oven and line-to-line.
For semiconductor packaging, BTU offers nitrogen processing using the Pyramax convection reflow oven with astounding atmosphere purity with O2 levels as low as 2ppm above source in the peak zones.
Pyramax reflow ovens beat the competition in thermal uniformity, repeatability and exit temperature – even at higher throughput.

BTU’s ovens and furnaces are the industry’s process and productivity leaders and have tens of thousands of installations.