Apama C2S

APAMA C2S -Chip-to-Substrate

The APAMA Chip-to-Substrate (C2S) offers fully Automated solution for Thermo-Compression Bonding (TCB), High Density Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (HD FOWLP) and High Accuracy Flip Chip (HA FC).

Cost-of-Ownership Advantage
Modular designs allow the flexibility of upgrading from HD FOWLP or HA FC to TCB processes enabling effective cost-of-ownership and preserving the investments of our customers.

C2S Features & Benefits
•    Automation
•    Control
•    Placement Accuracy
•    Performance
•    Yield Enhancement
•    Adaptability
•    Cost-of-Ownership Advantage

Enterprise & Consumer Applications
•    Network Routers and Switches
•    Servers
•    High-end PCs and Graphics
•    Smartphones and Tablets