provides SMT products and services.
Smart management systems
Designed to simplify and automate the management of components within the company.

They reduce the storage time of the supports from minutes to a few seconds, optimize the space necessary for their storage and eliminate machine tooling errors.

Smart Storage System

Vertical sensorized storage system for the storage of components

A tidy and connected component warehouse that generates profit for your business.

It reduces production line lead times, simplifies operations, reduces errors and enables complete traceability.

With Archimede you can finally think of reorganizing your spaces in an efficient and profitable way. Fully configurable according to your needs and the type of components handled, the system offers an extremely advantageous price / function ratio.


Smart Cart
Sensorized cart for handling components

Thanks to this intelligent cart, directly connected to the Archimede system of your company, transferring the components necessary for production is immediate: through the use of sensors and RGB LEDs, the illuminated components in the warehouses can be simply picked up and inserted in any free position of the trolley.

Once you arrive in the tooling area thanks to the use of a long-lasting battery, just request the necessary components and, through the possibility of sequential withdrawal and the aid of the touchscreen display, the trolley will indicate the components to be used one at a time, showing them all the data on the screen.


Incoming System
Automatic component incoming system


The system allows to automate the identification process through automatic detection with viewing of the component labels data.

The software automatically recognizes both 1D and 2D barcodes (QR-code and DataMatrix), catalogs them according to the labeling methods of each manufacturer and automatically creates a unique code for each package, directly printing the label to be affixed and used later with the Archimede system.

In addition to exponentially speeding up the data collection operation, it completely eliminates labeling errors.