iX 502/302, iX 302

The new iX has continuous enhancements in the total pick and place process, further introducing a new light weight feeding range with proven high field-measured pick-rates of over 99.99%, higher placement accuracies for passives (35 microns), new component range, 25% increased output for camera aligned components.  iX continues the success of the former A-series platform – arrived by now to maturity. This platform provides unique performances in the industry, like industry’s most controlled placement process or reliability <1 DPM.

In short, the iX502/302, iX 302 offer:
•    A complete and modular range, to handle more and a wider variety of components, for any application and production line
•    Higher yield, capacity and reliability, with faster changeover and ramp-up times.
•    Advanced PCB collision detection mechanism ('when does the component touch the board')
•    No impact force = No component cracking
•    Real-time closed-loop placement force control to place the part at the specified placment force
•    Placement process verification (according blue-print value)  - Always check the reliablilty of each individual placement
•    PCB surface mapping allows all other placement heads to place without impact on the learned placement height.
•    Capacity can be added or removed in order to increase or decrease output without altering the line footprint: True capacity on demand


iX 502/302, iX302

The iX 502/302 and iX 302 modules come with three or five trolley stations respectively and can be scaled in small steps to desired output capacity, without compromising placement accuracy. Next to the wide range of components from the smallest chips to large ICs, odd-form SMD components up to 10.5 mm tall can also be handled. By adding tray capability, as well as tape-, bulk- and stick feeding, a full range of feeding capabilities is supported for maximum flexibility