ConnX Elite

ConnX Elite – Automatic high speed wire bonder

ConnX ELITE™ is the latest high speed automatic wire bonder in the industry leading Power Series. Updated motion control systems and the Quick Suite processes deliver maximum productivity and simplified process optimization. ConnX ELITE is the new standard in interconnection for Discrete and Low Pin Count packages.

Key Features:
•    Bondable area of 56 x 80 mm
•    ± 3.0 μm accuracy @ 3 sigma
•    New high speed X-Y-Z motion control and vision systems
•    New proprietary Quick Suite provides robust process performance at maximum UPH
•    Interactive Programmable Look Ahead Vision for ease of set-up for maximum throughput
•    Complete Illumination System with automatic adjustment for PRS robustness
•    Single 2x magnification optics
•    Auto SHTL and NSOL Recovery for improved MTBA performance
•    Auto-BITS self-teach and optimization
•    Dual Frequency transducer allows two selectable frequencies for each bond

Field Upgrade Path:
•    ConnX ELITE LA (Large Area)
•    ConnX ELITE ELA (Extended Large Area)

Automatic Wire Bonder