Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

The need for inspection exists in most manufacturing processes, especially in the automotive industry where tough quality and safety standards apply. What is needed is a reliable AOI system that provides maximum inspection coverage and measured feedback to the process. As a company with more than 40 years experience in both factory automation and the printed circuit board production environment, Omron is able to use this knowledge to deliver the right AOI solution for todays ever demanding market.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI):
Benchtop AOI


VT-RNSII second generation

VT-RNSII is Omron's second generation in-line PCB inspection system. It delivers fast and reliable results. The inspection program is simplified with Omron easy-to-use EzTS software. VT-RNSII has reduced the post-reflow inspection times by up to 30% compared to the first generation VT-RNS.

Technical specifications VT-RNSII


Benchtop AOI

VT-RNSII-ptH portable model new generation

Designed for off-line inspection, the VT-RNSII-ptH is an ideal solution for smaller manufacturers running low volume or prototyping assembly lines. The inspection algorithms used in the VT-RNSII-ptH are identical to the fully automated in-line machine, the VT-RNSII.

Technical specifications VT-RNSII-ptH



The new VT-S class of Automated Optical Inspection machines from Omron includes 3 types of equipment, as follows:

3D AOI VT-S500 VT-S720 VT-S730
Video Camera High-speed, High-Definition Color Camera - Telecentric lens


Advanced True Color Imaging Telecentric camera lens - Multi-Angled -

Oblique Cameras

High Definition 4 M Camera - Telecentric

Lens-Multi-Angled - Oblique Cameras
Light Source Ring-shaped LEDs (R,G,B), with Omron Color Highlight ™ 3D


LEDs (R,G,B), with Omron color highlight ™ 3D

Ring-shaped LEDs (R,G,B)

with Omron Color Highlight ™ 3D
Image Resolution 10/15 micron 15/20 micron 15 micron
Inspectable PCB 510mm x 610mm (single-lane) or 510mm x 300mm (dual-lane)

460mm x 510mm

460mm x 510mm
Position Post Placement. Post Solder AOI Post Reflow AOI Post Reflow AOI
Camera Clearance 50 mm above and below 40 mm above and below 40 mm above and below
Machine Finish Color White White White