ATPremier Plus

ATPremier Plus – Advanced Technology Wafer Level Bonder

The ATPremierPS PLUSTM is another extension of the successful Power Series platform. The superior wafer level stud bumping and wire bonding of the ATPremier PLUS delivers high productivity with increased efficiency.

Key Features
•    Able to bond up to 300 mm diameter wafers, ceramics or substrates
•    Bond Placement Accuracy
       - ±3.5µm @3 sigma (200mm work piece)
       - ±5.0µm @3 sigma (300mm work piece)
•    Power Series Advanced Hardware and Software controls
•    Best-in-Class Low Temperature Gold Bumping
•    Improved Serviceability with easy access to lower console
•    Programmable Power Supply System with back-up
•    Upgradeable Capabilities
       - Optional Copper or Silver Alloy capability and kits
       - Optional Basic Wire Bonding capability
•    Smallest footprint in the market